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Marine Corps League FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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How can I become a member of the Marine Corps League?

Simply click the Apply for Membership link in the main menu and fill out the membership form. The dues are $30.00 USD.

How can I change my address of record? I'm moving in a few weeks.

You should file a Change of Address with your Detachment Adjutant/Paymaster. The Adjutant/Paymaster should submit the change on a Transmittal Form.

Joe Kellett. Commandant Gonney Bird Detachment #434 New Milford, NJ here.

A Jesuit priest and Vietnam veteran recently asked if he could become a member of our Detachment. He was a chaplain in Vietnam and wore Marine green as he was assigned to a Marine unit. He was awarded a Bronze Star with a "v" for saving the life (at risk to his own) of a fellow Marine.

We now welcome into our League Navy Corpsmen that have served with Marine combat units. Can we welcome this hero into our Detachment as a full dues paying member?

Semper Fi
Joe Kellett

We would be proud to welcome him into the Marine Corps League but his membership would be as an "Associate Member". Please refer to National Bylaws Chapter Six (6) for a full description of the requirements for "Regular Membership.

I am a Life Member of the Gulf Coast Det. # 643 Nokomis Fl. As I live 6 months in N.C. I joined the Smoky Mtn Det. # 973 as an Annual member. When my paper work returned to Det. with my membership card, paperwork indicated that I was considered to be a "Non Voting" member. I understand that I could only have voting privleges in one Det. as far as voting in a National election, BUT how does this status effect my vote in a State of N.C. election or voting at the Detachment level.
Can I vote in the Det. for the various offices and can I hold an office within the Smoky Mtn Det. ??
Yhanks Joe Williams

650 "National Bylaws - SECTION 650 DUAL MEMBERSHIP
(membership in more that one Detachment by the same individual). When a member of the Marine Corps League becomes a regular member in good standing in more than one detachment, such membership in the subsequent detachments shall be counted for voting strength at department and national conventions only, as an associate member."

When a Regular Member of the Marine Corps League joins a second Detachment (or third or fourth etc.) and becomes a Dual Member of that Detachment, they are still a "Regular Member" and are entitled to all the rights and privileges of a "Regular Member", holding a Detachment Office, voting on Detachment affairs, etc. It is only at Department and National Conventions that they are counted as "associate members" for voting purposes with their "Dual" Detachment.

Where can I find the form to request an application for a charter?

That link has always been available from the Main Menu. It's entitled "Form a Detachment".

Do Lifetime Members get the Marine Corps League magazine or are they supposed to subscribe to the magazine somehow? If so, how and where can they subscribe to the publication?

Once you become a member you are automatically subscribed to "Semper Fi" Magazine". Allow time for processing your membership, and subscription, of course.

I recived a mailing last year in Oct regarding a MARINE CORPS LEAGUE (Picture Book) the address for this outfit is a PO box 299920 New York,
My question is this a ligit marine corps book or was I scamed, I payed $89.94 for this book.
They asked for a picture of me when I was on active duty and a picture of me now, did anybody else out there in our marine corps league get in on this .
I have heard nothing from them and do not have a book.
the money went to
Directory publication office
Marine Corps League (picture book )
PO box 29920
New York, ny 10087-9920
would like to see if anybody got in on this and if they had recived a book.
Semper Fi

Please note that is not the address for National Headquarters, so this was not something we were involved with, or have heard about, other than your inquiry. Always feel free to use the methods under "Contact Us" to verify any attempt to solicit monies from you.

What is the difference between my Member Number and the PLM Number?

Your Member Number is what identifies you. You will have the same Member
Number no matter
how many Detachments you belong to.
The PLM Number refers to "Paid Life Member". You would only have a PLM
if you had paid for a Life Membership. That would not change your basic
Member Number. You would always keep that number.
If you pay your dues annually, you would not have a PLM Number.

Can I renew my membership online??

This is a feature we are working on, but not at this time. It does require some intricate bylaws changes and many agreements from the individual Detachments (about 1290 of them). This is a feature we all want, but there are many factors that need to be worked out with everyone involved before we can even begin to look at the technical aspect of getting this done.



Incorporated by an act of Congress in 1937, the Marine Corps League perpetuates the traditions and
spirit of ALL Marines who proudly wear or who have worn the eagle, globe and anchor of the Corps.

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